Orgone Energy Is...

… a life force found throughout the entire Universe which can be collected, stored and dispersed for therapeutic use. 

Orgone is the Universal life force originally proposed in the 1930’s by Dr. Wilhelm Reich who observed this Energy as a mass-less, omnipresent substance, closely associated with all biological life on Earth.

This Energy is now known to have many powerful healing effects, but thats not all, it is also used to: mitigate the harmful effects of EMF radiation and electromagnetic pollution, strengthen and increase the energy levels in our Human Energy Fields (Aura), improve the quality of our sleep, restructure the energies of food and drinks and more!

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Popular Placements

Where should I place my Orgonite?

Orgone /Orgonite has become very popular as a spiritual healing tool. But one of the main reason people love Orgone is due, in part, to their ability to mitigate the negative effects of Electromagnetic Frequencies (EMFs).

An Orgone device will work for you regardless of where you place it, but here are some places to consider:

Next to your Bed

If you’re lucky, you get around 8 hours sleep. 8 hours next to some lovely Orgone Energy? Yes please!

Star choice

Next to WiFi

The WiFi router is an EMF hot-spot. Like with Smart Meters, placing one here comes highly recommended.  

Pylons & Masts

If you live near one of these, a smart choice would be to place an Orgone Device on the window ledge, or along any wall that runs adjacent.

Near TV & Media

This area of our houses normally consists of multiple multi-media outlets and is often an EMF hot-spot. Placing one here is never a bad idea!

Negative Energy

Orgone Energy transmutes negative energy into positive energy!


Orgone aids with meditation, encouraging deeper states of being. 


Orgone energy strengths the Aura and increases energy levels. 

Benefits of Orgone


Orgone is fantastic at mitigating the negative effects produced by electronic pollution, including 5G. 


Orgone energy improves the quality of our sleep and supports a deeper, restful state. 

Overall Health

Orgone energy promotes health of Mind, Body and Soul.

Shungite EMF Buster Pendant

Orgone Shungite EMF Buster Pendant

Shungite can protect against EMF for two reasons. First, it absorbs EMF radiation. And secondly, simultaneously, shungite reflects EMF fields!

These properties are called radio shielding properties. It is on these two fundamental principles that all radio-absorbing materials work, and is a major reason why these pendants are so adept at protecting from electromagnetic frequencies.

Couple that with the Orgone Effect AND the energy amplifying SB Coil and we are left with a powerful pendant, highly adept at protecting and shielding against EMF radiation.

Black Sun Orgonite

I have a selection of Black Sun Orgonite devices which are made using super-charging black iron oxide powder along with Shungite powder, forming my most powerful, Orgone energy producing, EMF combating devices and products.

You can feel the effects immediately. I sleep so much better knowing that my Black Sun Orgonite device is constantly converting those harmful EMFs!

Abigail Newton, Reviewer

Orgone Pyramids UK

Orgonite® has become very popular as a spiritual healing tool, and as a protection against electromagnetic pollution. Orgone is life energy, it enables living organisms to exist in a Healthy state.

My hand made devices aid in the transmutation of negative Dead Orgone energy (DOR-) into a more positive form Positive Orgone energy (+POR) to bring a balance to the energies in your environment.

Why Buy My Devices..?

International Shipping

I'm able to ship these products all over the world!

Infused Energy

Im the creator of Synergistic Energy Therapy. Each of my products are infused with my personal healing frequency!

Low Cost

But High Quality. Each one of the Pyramids are HAND MADE BY ME and are made affordable in an attempt to spread the energy they create far and wide.

Energy Healing 

As well as being the creator of Orgone Pyramids UK, I am also the creator of the award winning Synergistic Energy Therapy.

It is a hands-on-healing modality that I have been developing and administering for years. It is an honor, and a pleasure for me to work with as many clients as I do.