Orgone Pyramids UK

Orgone Pendants

I have a selection of Orgone Pendants available, each one filled with healing crystals and protective Orgonite materials! 

5G & EMF Protection

I have a selection of Powerful Black Sun Orgonite devices available here on my site.

I make them using a selection of EMF protection materials, including Shungite Crystals and Iron Oxide powders!

NEW!! Crystal Necklaces - Bracelets - Magnetix - Lanterns and More!

Crystal Healing Devices!

Healing Pyramids

My Crystal Healing Pyramids not only protect you from harmful EMF’s, but they will also offer the healing benefits of the crystals within!

Custom Order Black Tourmaline Orgone Pyramid

Chakra Pyramids

Do you have a Chakra that seems to constantly cause you problems?

Then perhaps one of my Chakra Healing Pyramids will help.

Energy Healer?

I create a Chakra Healing Set perfect for assisting all forms of Energy Therapy, whether it be as a professional, or as someone who practices.

Orgone Pyramids UK

Orgonite® has become very popular as a spiritual healing tool, and as a protection against electromagnetic pollution. Orgone is life energy, it enables living organisms to exist in a Healthy state.

My hand made devices aid in the transmutation of negative Dead Orgone energy (DOR-) into a more positive form Positive Orgone energy (+POR) to bring a balance to the energies in your environment.

Why Buy My Devices..?

International Shipping

I'm able to ship these products all over the world!

Infused Energy

Im the creator of Synergistic Energy Therapy. Each of my products are infused with my personal healing frequency!

Low Cost

But High Quality. Each one of the Pyramids are HAND MADE BY ME and are made affordable in an attempt to spread the energy they create far and wide.

Energy Healing 

As well as being the creator of Orgone Pyramids UK, I am also the creator of the award winning Synergistic Energy Therapy.

It is a hands-on-healing modality that I have been developing and administering for years. It is an honor, and a pleasure for me to work with as many clients as I do. 

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