7 Chakra Orgone Cone


This 7 Chakra Orgone Cone contains:

  • Selenite for Crown Chakra Harmonisation
  • Amethyst for Third Eye Activation
  • Soldalite for Throat Chakra Activation
  • Green Aventurine for Heart Chakra Healing & Protection
  • Tigers Eye for Solar Plexus Chakra Stimulation
  • Carnelian for Sacral Chakra Activation
  • Red Jasper for Root Chakra Harmonisation.

This pyramid is perfect for the person who is looking for all round protection and healing. The combination of crystal synchronise incredibly well, and when you couple that with the already powerful orgone effect, we are left with a very powerful energy producing device!

Each one of these mesmerizing pyramids will increase your vitality and activate the creative force within you while providing strategic wisdom as you go about your work in this world. Balance your chakras to promote a full of life feeling, positive and hopeful. Balance your chakras at night to help calm you down, ease your mind and promote a deeper sleep.

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These 7 Chakra Pyramids are made using Selenite, Amethyst, Sodalite, Green Aventurine, Tigers Eye, Carnelian, Red Jasper crystals, metals and are encased in fiberglass resin.

These are your go to for all round Harmonisation. These 7 Chakra orgonite pyramids emit intense, high-frequency vibrations that have been stored up from an accumulation of powerful Life Force energy. Not to mention how beautiful they are. They also help against electromagnetic, elf and haarp radiations in the environment. Placing in areas like the office, house, garden and play area will be extremely beneficial.

Orgonite is used in personal spaces to process negative orgone energy into positive orgone, while enhancing the metaphysical properties and functions of the crystals and gemstones encased within it. Ideal locations for positioning orgonite are near electrical equipment (such as wifi routers, computers and TVs), and close to where people are situated (such as desks, tables, work surfaces, window sills and hallways).

Various benefits of orgonite energy have been reported such as increased energy, a decreased sensitivity to EMF’s, improved sleep, plus balancing and spiritual growth. Many choose to keep an orgonite item near to them such as a Pyramid or Sphere as a way of reducing negative energy, and aiding in meditation.

Orgonite is a blend of quartz crystals, metals and resin that is said to balance and harmonise bio-energies such as chi, orgone, reiki energy or prana. There are many other names for this including etheric energy, bio energy, bio magnetic energy, astral energy, 4th dimensional energy, life force energy and more.

Each piece is hand made, and takes at least 6 days to make. I try my very best to ensure they are as aesthetically pleasing as possible, but the nature of the processes involved means that air bubbles, small holes, or blemishes may possibly be present. Any such physical imperfections have no effect on the function of the piece.


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