Black Sun Orgone Pyramid (90mm)


The Black Sun Orgonite range are a powerful set of Orgone devices, highly adept at combating the harmful effects of EMF/EMR pollution.

For anybody taking their early steps into the world of Orgone, then these can be considered your entry level due to the multiple ways they can be utilised. Great for putting next to electrical devices, or next to where you sleep.

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All of my products transmute un-natural Electro-Magnetic Frequencies into their natural counterparts, creating and maintaining a space of cleansing positive energy, protecting you from the untoward effects of EMF radiation, but the Black Sun Orgonite Range excel in this department.

The arrangement of Black Sun Orgonite Pyramid produces a powerful shielding effect due to the ratio of super charging Iron Oxide and shungite powder found throughout the device.


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