Buddha Chakra Sun Catcher


Beautiful Buddha Chakra crystal Sun catcher. The seven colours of the chakra are here supported by a base crystal. Hang in a sunny window and watch the magic happen! The crystals hang in order of the chakras starting from the head and working down the body so are healing as well as being very beautiful.

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Red – First chakra, base of the spine. Groundedness, trust, belonging, lessens feelings of mistrust

Orange – Second chakra, belly just below the navel. Sensuality, emotion, creativity, lessens feelings of inferiority.

Yellow – Third chakra, solar plexus. Will, identity, commitment, lessens feelings of confusion.

Green – Fourth chakra, heart. Compassion, forgiveness, intimacy, lessens feelings of isolation.

Blue – Fifth chakra, throat. Expression, communication, power to manifest, generativity, lessens feelings of stagnation

Indigo -, third eye, between the eyes. Clear sight, intuition, integrity, lessens feelings of despair.

Violet – Seventh chakra, at the crown of the head. Spiritual connection, synchronicities, communication with higher self.


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