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Tower Busters are one of the most versatile of all Orgonite devices. It is the universal and essential Orgonite gifting tool. It will neutralise any harmful cellphone tower, HAARP radiation 5G and other EMF, and can also be used to energise sites of negative energy such as government institutions, graves, places of mass suffering, educational institutions etc. Use it to energise your home and garden, too! SBB Coil is placed inside the orgonite so it can direct the flow of energy in desired direction. The coil also considerably increases the power and range of orgonite devices.

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Tower Busters are small orgonite devices that convert local Negative Energy into Positive Energy. They have been shown to work very well against 5G and other EMFs.

Don Croft found that a small, inexpensive Tower Buster could neutralise the harmful effects of negative energy producing electrical equipment, such as ‘cell towers’, Wifi devices and the like.

Orgonite is resin and metal, I use aluminum, brass and steel shavings. Don Croft’s design of simply made resin, metal and a piece of quartz crystal will work anywhere. I also place a copper SBB coil over one end of the crystals. SBB Coil is placed inside the orgonite so it can direct the flow of energy in desired direction. The coil also considerably increase the power and range of orgonite devices.

These Tower Busters are best used by creating a grid of them around your home to create an orgone-rich environment.

Don Croft suggests planting one in each corner of your yard, to orgonise the entire homestead.

The Tower Buster is the most versatile of all Orgonite devices. We use it to convert cellphone masts into positive orgone generators, to gift water courses and place it wherever we feel the energy needs an upgrade. Think: power stations, large manufacturing plants, police stations, prisons, abattoirs, cemeteries, your place of work, corporate headquarters, places of political power, religious indoctrination, satanic ritual…(use your imagination).

Orgonite is used in personal spaces to process negative orgone energy into positive orgone, while enhancing the metaphysical properties and functions of the crystals and gemstones encased within it. Ideal locations for positioning orgonite are near electrical equipment (such as wifi routers, computers and TVs), and close to where people are situated (such as desks, tables, work surfaces, window sills and hallways).

Various benefits of orgonite energy have been reported such as increased energy, a decreased sensitivity to EMF’s, improved sleep, plus balancing and spiritual growth. Many choose to keep an orgonite item near to them such as a Pyramid or Sphere as a way of reducing negative energy, and aiding in meditation.

Orgonite is a blend of quartz crystals, metals and resin that is said to balance and harmonise bio-energies such as chi, orgone, reiki energy or prana. There are many other names for this including etheric energy, bio energy, bio magnetic energy, astral energy, 4th dimensional energy, life force energy and more.

Each piece is hand made, and takes at least 6 days to make. I try my very best to ensure they are as aesthetically pleasing as possible, but the nature of the processes involved means that air bubbles, small holes, or blemishes may possibly be present. Any such physical imperfections have no effect on the function of the piece.

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Dimensions 70 × 50 × 30 mm


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